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An unofficial source for tips, tricks and tutorials for the game streaming platform, Twitch.

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What is Twitch Tips?

Twitch Tips is an unofficial (not operated by or maintained by) source for tips, tricks and tutorials for the streaming platform know as Twitch.

I saw your blog posts but what I was looking for wasn’t here, can you help me?

Firstly thanks for taking the time to hop on over here and check the blog out. Secondly yes, I (or we) will be happy to help you, to make a request for our blog simply hop over to the requests page, there you will find information on how to request a tip, trick or tutorial for this blog.

If it’s a time sensitive issue or an issue with your Twitch account itself, it’s highly recommend you head over to the official help desk for Twitch. There you will get answers from both the community and official Twitch representatives (customer / consumer support etc).

Who operates this blog?

Below is a list of all those who currently work on, add to or maintain this site.


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Got a request?

Before Requesting a tip, trick or tutorial, please make sure it hasn’t already been posted or discussed. To make a request you can use one of the following methods, if what you request has already been posted or discussed previously, it’ll be ignored; sorry!

The ways you can request are as follows: