Best Time to Stream on Twitch – Things to Do for Streaming

Best Time to Stream on Twitch – Things to Do for Streaming

The number of Twitch users has already exceeded 120 million and is increasing more each day. It means you can show your video to the viewers if you know about the best time to stream on Twitch. But there are different views about the best streaming time.

Most people think that the best time for streaming on Twitch is when there are more viewers. However, according to us, the best time is when there are fewer channels streaming. In the case of a few channels, you don’t have to face tough competition.

Moreover, you can also find the best time to stream with the help of several websites and tools. Twitch also provides tools like Twitch tracker to show you when most viewers are available. However, it also depends on the type of content you are streaming.

For example, you should see when young viewers are online to get maximum views if you are streaming action games.

In contrast, older people mostly love soft entertainment videos and news. So, if you are streaming news or any other general entertainment videos, you should see when the more senior people come online.

Tips on the Best Time to Stream on Twitch

This article will guide you to know about some tips to find the best time to stream on Twitch and get the most views. So, let’s start without any further ado.

Stream Schedule Panel

Do you know about the streaming schedule panel? How would it be to let your followers know the exact time when you would be streaming? Probably, it would be the best service you can provide to your followers as it will save their time.

Moreover, you can also create a streaming schedule that will show the viewer time according to their region. Several websites allow you to make a schedule and display it on your channel so everyone can see it.

Why Do You Need a Streaming Schedule?

1-Best time to stream on twitch-stream schedule panel

Every professional streamer has some schedule, even if he hasn’t displayed it on his account. His followers know the time when this streamer would go live. They get so used to his time that they remember the whole schedule when he would go live.

If you want to get more potential followers, you should also follow a schedule for the facility of your followers. A proper streaming schedule will build the trust of your followers in you, and they will know about your regularity.

Those streamers who follow an appropriate plan of streaming have more viewers than those who stream randomly. So, manage your time and make a streaming plan to save your time and your viewer’s time.

Figuring Out Time Zones

Figuring out the time zones of your viewers is very important if you are streaming on an international level. When you stream quality content on your channel, you get more followers, even from other parts of the world.

But getting followers from other parts of the world might also be a headache for you. They might have a different time zone, and when you are streaming here, they might be at work or sleeping. Now, you have to make a schedule so that most of your followers may watch your stream.

Try to stream when most of your followers have nighttime because most people prefer to use media at night. Moreover, at day different people have different tasks, so not every one of your followers may be accessible for your stream.

Finding the Right Game to Play

Twitch is a streaming platform, but most of the streamers on Twitch prefer to stream games. Due to this, the viewers are also video games lovers. But the question that most streamers face is which game is suitable to stream on Twitch?

It is tricky to find the best game for streaming among the thousands of games available. However, you can easily find the best game for streaming through the following steps. First, ask yourself a few questions about the game you are selecting.

Will You Enjoy It?

It is most important to know if you are interested in the game you are streaming or not. Your interest in the game is vital because it will make the stream enjoyable. Your viewers will also enjoy it if you are enjoying the game.

Is the Game Popular?

It also matters if the game is popular among your followers. If your followers are PUBG or fortnight lovers, but you are streaming GTA 5, it wouldn’t bring out better results. You have to go for your follower’s choice.

But what to do if you don’t know what your followers prefer the most? For this, you can do voting and then stream a game that gets the most votes.

Are You Good at the Game?

If you are not good at the game, you can not perform well. Play a game professionally so young gamers can watch your videos and get inspiration from you. If you are not good at games, no one will waste their time watching your game. Only stream those games at which you are exceptional.

Get Twitch Tracker

1-Best time to stream on twitch-Twitch Tracker

Twitch Tracker or some other websites may help you find out the most streamed Twitch game. Search Twitch and other streaming platforms to find out the most viewed video game. According to a search, Fortnight has the most fans as compared to other video games.Here is the article recommended for you that provide you the illustration for twitch,

Don’t Compete With Top Dogs.

It is the most helpful tip for the young and beginner streamers to not compete with the top dogs. You are new to streaming, and you don’t know about the ups and downs of this world. So you should improve your game and move forward without getting indulged with the leg pullers.

Professional streamers can also harm you by making a video on your channel that will negatively affect your audience. You may not get new viewers on your channel and may also lose your followers. So, it is better to stay away from top dogs and do your work. Despite tips, An article is recommended for you that provides you the insight into easy ways to stop hosting on twitch.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

What time does Twitch have the most viewers?

It depends on the time zone. Twitch has viewers from different parts of the world, and they all have different time zones. So, there is no fixed time when most viewers are watching Twitch.

However, for a specific time zone, we can guess when most viewers are available on Twitch. Twitch also provides some tools like “Twitch tracker” to check the number of users viewing Twitch at the moment. The best time to stream is between 12 am, and 9 am.

What is the best time to live stream?

The best time to stream on Twitch is when there are fewer channels streaming. It doesn’t matter a lot if the viewers are fewer. However, if there are fewer channels and fewer viewers, you have a chance to get a handsome number of viewers.

Between 12 midnight and 9 in the morning, you will find fewer channels streaming their content. There are many viewers at this time that you can earn by streaming quality content. Stream according to the time zone of your followers so you can get more views.

What is a good streaming schedule?

A good streaming schedule consists of several points. These include the time zone of your followers, a time when fewer channels are streaming, and the number of times you stream in a week. If your streaming schedule considers these aspects, we would recommend it.

Is it too late to start streaming on Twitch?

No, you can start streaming at any point in your life. Even if it is ten years before today or ten years later, it is not early or late for streaming. All you need is strong willpower and a rigid determination to get a streaming star.

You should know that with streaming, you can not get rich quickly. However, it may be a source of income. Many streamers earn thousands of dollars, but they got to this point after much hard work and struggle. So if others can get rich, why can’t you?

Final Words

Now, we know what the best time to stream on Twitch is. In the above article, we discussed all the aspects of streaming games on Twitch and tips to facilitate your followers. Encouraging your viewers is very important as they will prefer you over the other streamers.

Even if you only try to save their time by making a streaming schedule, they will get more trust in you. Because time is money and everyone wants to keep it, most Twitch users view those streamers who have a proper streaming schedule.

You need to find the Twitch best time to stream if you want to get more viewers and followers. Always keep in mind that the time zone is different for different people, so stream according to it. Use Twitch Tracker to check info about the Twitch users and streamers.

Last but not least, you need strong willpower and determination because streaming is a slow process. It will take you more time to get a huge audience and earn money.

So, keep struggling and make a bright future. We would be happy if you share your thoughts with us in the comment section.