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Want to Contribute to Twitch Tips?

Community Contributions

So you’re looking to contribute to the Twitch Tips blog? Glad to hear it!

Firstly lets just get down to some general points.

Twitch Tips is designed so that anyone and everyone can find helpful content written by fellow members of the Twitch community easily.

Whether you’re writing about hardware, software or general community building; we’d love to have you write content for others!

At the moment we’re using Jekyll, blogging software ran and hosted on GitHub. Posts are written in a markdown format (.md).

We don’t expect everyone to know how to write their stuff in markdown but if you do you’ll find basics further into the post.

If you’re unsure about markdown, no problem - simply write up your content in a normal word processor (Sublime Text, Google Docs etc) and send us an email with said content at:

Alternatively, if you’re comfortable with markdown, below is the basic template you should use;

layout: post
title: Want to Contribute to Twitch Tips?
description: "Looking to contribute content to Twitch Tips? Check out how here!"
tags: [twitch,tips,contribute,content]
comments: true
draft: true

Content text here, blah blah blah filler.

You can then send your post to, or fork our repo over at Github and send us a pull-request.

If you are sending a pull-request, put your post in a file named in the _posts directory (Eg,