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Recently, you may have spotted several accounts, such as ‘TwitchSupport_[Name]’, going around saying they are Twitch Staff and telling people to do everything that is going to get their account closed down.

What to look out for

These are the usual things trolls and scammers use to convince people to listen to them.

No Sound

Often, this is used at the start of the troll and is said to be a consequence of a virus. Sometimes, the fact that there is no sound can be true. Make sure that there is sound on your stream before taking action.

System 32

This is usually telling people that System 32 is a virus and that you should delete it immediately. Trolls also spam ‘message deleted by system32’.

If you did not know, System 32 is the folder that keeps your Windows OS installation. If you delete this folder, you have practically deleted your computer.

Never edit stuff in this type of folder unless you are sure of what you are doing.


Before you saw trolls raiding channels, you would hope that someone who was told to pour milk in their console’s fan vents would have thought this was a bad idea. Sadly, that isn’t true.

No matter who tells you it does, pouring rice into your hard drive does not stop a static sound. Please, make sure you know what you are doing before doing things to the inside of machines and ignore what they are saying.

Stream Key

Here we have the most common attack. Usually, someone will add you on Skype and ask for your stream key. Don’t give it to them. Otherwise, you may find something you don’t want being streamed to your channel. Instead, block them.


Users often have offensive usernames and comments when they are trolling, usually racist ones. If you see a large number of offensive users gathering, be ready for what has been explained here.

Skype Details

Lot’s of people have Skype. But most don’t know how dangerous it can be. If someone is able to get your Skype Name, it is very easy for them to get your IP. This can then result in DDoS attacks (lots of traffic being sent to your IP that may result in your stream doing offline).

For protection, make sure to set up a proxy following this existing guide. You may also get random friend requests from people who claim they are Support Staff. Twitch never offers assistance over Skype and you should therefore not comply.

Staff or Admin Impersonation

The main way trolls get people to listen is through pretending to be Staff. The only way a user can be considered Official is if they have one of these badges to represent what they do. You can also use the existing user checker.

If their type is “user”, they are not official. Some people often mistake @TwitchSupport Volunteers and other users for an official representative of Twitch, they are not. In addition, do not give impersonators moderator powers.

Some streamers do this and then anyone that tried to stop the streamer pouring cereal in a disc tray would be banned instantly.


If you find something like this, you pretty much have the full package.

What to do

Account is Compromised

  • Email [email protected] with as much information as possible to prove you own the account.
  • Wait for your account to be closed.
  • Open a ticket to get your account back.

Information Leaked

Reset everything immediately, most importantly passwords and stream keys.

Users trolling, scamming or using racist usernames.

Ban them from your channel. Using /subscribers can be a good way to stop chat while the issue blows over. Also, make sure to report them.

Stay safe!
Post written and contributed by @Heep123