How to Use PS4 Camera for Streaming Live on Twitch

How to Use PS4 Camera for Streaming Live on Twitch

Do you also want to start your game streaming career on Twitch and want a PS4 camera for streaming? But worry about the budget of gaming accessories?

There is a time when the setup of game streaming costs high, especially for new streamers. Meanwhile, one needs $800 to $1300 or more to buy a high-quality gaming PC, and it’s only the price of a PC.

You can’t stream games on Twitch with just a PC. It would help if you had other things also such as a camera, Mic, and many other things. It means you need more budget for it.

PS4 Camera For Streaming: Complete Details

Compared to PCs, the PS4 (Playstation 4) console is affordable for gaming. You can easily buy a PS4 console for between $250 to $400.

For other accessories like cameras and Mic, you can use a PS4 camera for streaming. However, the camera is not good in picture quality and recording sound.

A lousy quality picture and background noises in your stream might become the reason for your followers to stop the stream. And that’s terrible for new streamers.

Don’t worry because you don’t have to deal with all these problems. Because in this article, I’m going to give you all the answers to your questions.

  • What resources you’ll need to stream from your Playstation 4
  • How to connect your Playstation account to Twitch?
  • How to adjust your stream’s quality and settings from your PS4?
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What Resources Do You Need to Stream From Your Playstation 4?

The first and the most important thing you need is a PS4 (PlayStation). It does not matter whether you’ve PS4 Pro or a regular PS4 console. Both will work fine, but PS4 Pro is far better than the PS4 regular console.

Let’s assume that you have a PS4 console. Then, the following are the required resources to stream.


Streaming is not only about how you play games. Instead, it’s about how you showcase your gaming skill and engage your audience to not feel bored throughout the stream. Viewer engagement is something you can’t get without conversing in streams.

The last thing someone wants in his stream is the background voices. You can use a PS4 camera that will automatically record your voice when you stream. However, it also records the background noises. That’s why it is better to purchase a headset separately.


Your footage plays an essential role in engaging the audience. Poor quality footage does not leave a good impression on the audience. 

Yeah, you can use a PS4 camera for streaming, but the downside is, the PS4 camera streaming is not good, and it also records the sound of your surroundings. So, make sure to buy a high-quality camera for streaming live on Twitch.


The last thing you need for streaming is a TV to play games and stream footage.

How to Download the Twitch PS4 App

After gathering all the resources, the next step is downloading the Twitch PS4 app. Follow these steps to download the twitch PS4 app.

  • Open the PS4 PlayStation store.
  • Type the name “Twitch” in the search bar and press Enter.
  • Now choose the Twitch app from the result you get.
  • Then download it.

How to Connect Your Playstation Account to Twitch

After you download the Twitch app, connect your PlayStation (PS4) to your twitch account. Following are the steps you have to follow.

  • Hold your PS4 PlayStation controller, then search for a button named “Share.” After finding it, press the button.
  • You’ll see options on your TV in which you’ve to choose Broadcasting Gameplay and then Twitch.
  • After that, select Sign-in to log in to your account.
  • Then You’ll see a code in numbers; remember it or note it down.
  • Go to your computer, and enter the code on this page.
  • You’ll see an option on your PS4 PlayStation, Press OK to link your Twitch account to Playstation 4.

How to Adjust Your Stream’s Quality and Settings From Your PS4

Buying all the required equipment and connecting your PS4 to your Twitch account is not enough. There is one significant step that remains for you. That is to modify the setting of your PS4.

After all, it’s not a good idea to go live on a platform like Twitch which has millions of daily visitors without even adjusting the setting.

  • Grasp Your PS4 Controller and Press the Share Button
  • After pressing the share button, a screen will appear where you can see options such as Start Broadcast, Preview of the stream but remember that you don’t have to select the Start Broadcast option yet.
  • Connect Your Camera and Headset to Your PS4
  • Write a catchy and exciting, not misleading title (in the title field) for your stream. Bear in mind that you should think of a title that describes your gameplay.
  • Then the last setting you’ve to adjust is the quality or resolution of your stream. To choose the proper resolution setting, first, know about the internet speed. Because no matter what resolution you select, if your internet speed is slow, you’ll end up with a frozen screen.
  • Usually, the preferable resolution option is 720p. Remember that 720p resolution requires 3000 kbps to 4000 kbps internet speed. 1080p resolution needs 4500 kbps to 6000 kbps internet speed.
  • After following all these steps, select the Start Broadcasting option to start the stream. And to stop the stream, press the Share button on the PS4 controller again.

A Few Tips to Help You Get Started

T4 - tips to use ps4 camera for streaming

Don’t Use Cheap Headset and Camera

The second thing that is important after your gaming skill is the quality of your stream. No one will watch your stream if it has bad sound and picture quality issues, specifically if you’re a beginner.

We all live in the 21st century, where it’s normal to watch videos in 1080P resolution. Then why would someone watch a low-quality stream?

It’s not necessary to buy an expensive camera and microphone. Just make sure that you’re not choosing cheap and low-grade accessories.

Never Copy the Style of Other Streamers

Many streamers are famous for their style more than their gaming skills. People watch their stream because they like their spirit, how they play games, their personality.

Copying the style of well-known streamers isn’t a wise idea. So, always show who you’re, how you play, not others.

Be Consistent

It’s true as steel that you can’t get success overnight as a streamer.  The only thing you can do is be consistent. Never become a person who doesn’t stream for weeks. Remember that viewers don’t like inconsistency.

A Look at What You Should Do Next

  • Plan everything, for instance, games you’ll play, how you’ll get the audience’s attention before you start your streaming career.
  • Build community, talk to other streamers, make friends on Twitch
  • Make a list of some games you want to play, but remember to choose the game for the list wisely. Hundreds of your fellows already stream games like Fortnite, league of legends. Choose some games that are famous in the audience but not many streamers play.
  • Carefully and subconsciously promote yourself and your content on social media.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Is the PS4 camera good for streaming?

Yes, the PS4 camera is suitable for streaming—furthermore, it’s also a requirement for a high-quality stream.

What camera can I use to stream on PS4?

There are many cameras that you can use, but we recommended these cameras to stream on PS4.

  • Sony PlayStation Camera Version 2 for (PS4) – CUH-ZEY2
  • PlayStation 4 Camera
  • Playstation 4 Camera v2.0
  • Lasllaves USB Webcam

Do I need a camera to stream on Twitch PS4?

Although you’ll get a camera with a PS4, the quality of this camera is not good. It also records the background voices, which resulted in bad sound quality. 

For streamers, the quality of the camera and sound both are important. So yes, if you’re a streamer, you need a camera to stream on Twitch.

How do I stream from my PlayStation 4 camera?

Hold the controller of your Playstation 4 controller and Press the Share button. After that, you’ll receive a screen with many options such as Start Broadcasting and preview.

But before you select the Start broadcasting option, adjust the resolution setting, write the title, and choose Start Broadcasting and stream.

Final Words

Well! That was all about a PS4 camera for streaming and how to use it on Twitch. To be a successful steamer, you’ve to be motivated and prepare yourself for all outcomes.

Morning dreams come true, but you’ve to work in the daytime to achieve your ambitions. It’s not something you can achieve in months; sometimes, it takes years of hard work.

As they say, “Nothing worth comes easy.”

So, what are you waiting for? Select games, gather resources, get a PS4 camera for steaming, headset, and start your journey as a streamer on Twitch.